Welcome to Green Building Tennessee!

A recent McGraw-Hill study predicts that the green building marketplace is expected to reach nearly $80 billion by 2017. You, as a builder or developer, can take advantage of this rapidly growing market by having your homes certified as “GREEN.”

Across most of America, it’s a tough market for real estate. There is high anxiety over housing starts and sales declines, mortgage defaults and credit problems. All news isn’t bad, however. With challenge comes great opportunity. More and more builders and developers are discovering that “going green” can help obtain a big advantage in tough times.

There is a misconception that building green can add to the construction costs.

While this can be true with extensive modifications, to be certified as green does not have to add to budget.The fact is that you might already be building green without even knowing it! With your green home certification in hand you can get a jump on the competition and stand out to the potential buyer in a crowded marketplace — not to mention you will be contributing to making our environment a better place to live.Maison verte

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